Hairdressers also known as 'stylists' never want to share the secrets of great hairdressing, because they want you to be totally dependent upon the, They want you to think that what they're doing is some kind of magic.  But like David Blaine's book, 'Magic Tricks Revealed!' I am going to tell you exactly what you need to do and how to do it.

The inspiration of this book comes from all the clients that have called me over the years and asked "If  I color my hair at home, how much will a shampoo and cut cost?  Or,  if  I relax my hair at home, can you just wrap and curl it?"  They ask these questions knowing damn well,  they don't know what they are doing.  So,  drum roll please.  In my Chris Rock voice, " they attempt the unthinkable and tear their hair to pieces."

And what happens next? 

"How to Do Your Hair at Home
...What your stylist doesn't want you to know"
"In my Barack Obama voice, Yes we can! Knowing is growing... "hair that is."
In this book, you will find out the do's and don'ts of great hairdressing. You will learn what to buy and what to absolutely stay away from. 

My theory is “the better you take care of your hair, at home, the easier the job will be for your stylist.” As a client,  you and your stylist should work together. Like Oprah says “ it does help to stick to one stylist.”  And I'm sure that's why she still has her hair.

Read and take notes TODAY!  Learn and understand how you can duplicate what your stylist does for you each week.   Getting straight to the point… in my Grandma’s voice,  “ here is where you will find out things about your hair that are priceless.”
I have to swoop down like superwoman with a big  "S"  on my chest and save them from themselves!   They wind up spending more than they anticipated from the start.  Look, I have to fix it. That's what I do.  In my Xibit voice, "this has been the story of my life.".
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"How to Do Your Hair at Home.."