Hair Myth # 1
Some people think when the relaxer is burning, its working...not true!  Rinse it out or you will have a big problem. After you have rinsed, one would think to shampoo? NEVER. Condition first!  The best time to condition is when the cutcle is open. Leave the conditioner on for at least three minutes, then rinse and shampoo. Always use a neutralizing shampoo.


When my mom was younger she said she went to a salon to get a relaxer. She told the lady her head was burning. The stylist told my mom “it’s ok, that means the relaxer is working.” So she said OK. When the relaxer was finally rinsed out from her hair, she was totally bald on one side and to this day, she still doesn’t have any edges! That’s why it’s so important to rinse your relaxer when it’s burning and to not leave it on for more than 18 minutes. Burnin’? No Good Mommy…
"How to Do Your Hair at Home
...What your stylist doesn't want you to know"
"Rochelle Mosley is a phenomenal hairstylist.  When I sit in her chair I know that I am in the best possible hands and that my hair will be absolutely stunning.  I trust and deeply respect her as one of the greatest in the industry.  I'm sure you will learn a lot from this book, she is an expert!"   Judge Glenda Hatchett 
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